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Wahoo Docks is the leading manufacturer of residential lake docks and commercial aluminum floating boat docks and gangways. From multi-slip floating docks for marinas to single-slip boat docks to PWC docks, each custom aluminum boat dock is tailored to the customer's needs by our team of experts and engineers.

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13944 Appalachian Hwy
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Our 12' is a great all-around board. If you are looking for the most versatile board on the market, this is it. At over 32'' wide, this board offers maximum stability and flotation.The rocker on the 12' is relaxed at both ends. The nose accommodates for both wave catching and trim capabilities on the flat water, while the tail rocker is forgiving in the waves to help turn on a dime. The shape of the nose is round and full, with wide hips coming down to the full tail, which allows for heavy weight on the deck while paddling, such as a packed cooler with your rods and reels or your favorite little paddle partner sitting on the nose with you. Air vent on the deck, with deep handle. 2+1 fin setup, with FCS plugs.
12' Jason Ryan                                     $1299.00
Our 11'4'' has more of a sleeker, slender build. Ideal for someone looking for our lightest and fastest board on the flat water or the surfer who has bigger, steeper waves in their area. The nose of the 11'4'' SUP comes to a slight point, reducing the amount of contact with water, reducing the amount of drag. The difference in the rocker with the 11'4'' is the tail is flatter for faster runs and maintaining trim speed, and the nose has a mellow entry rocker to accommodate both wave catching and flat water. 2+1 fin setup with FCS plugs. Vent system is located on the deck near the handle. The 11'4'' sizes at 4 -3/8'' thick, with a width of 29 -1/2''. Slight Vee through the fins help it stay on point.

Blondie                                                        $1249.00
The Complete DXLX® Surf System is an excellent way to protect your paddle boards from theft. Everything you need to keep your paddle board safe in an all-inclusive package: 1- 10ft Stainless Steel, Coated DXLX® Cable, with resettable combination

1- Cleat for use in Fin Track

1- DXLX® Jaw

The Complete DXLX® comes packaged in a stylish mesh bag.
Dock Locks

Price: $30.00

Price: $299.00

Our Carbon-Wood Mix Paddle gives you the smoothest and most powerful stride when paddling. Ideal for both choppy and calm waters, this is the way to go when you are looking for the best standup paddle board experience out there. *****NOTE: PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR HEIGHT IN COMMENT BOX WHEN ORDERING THIS PRODUCT
Carbon-Wood Mix Paddle.

Price: $130.00

Constructed using aircraft grade aluminum for the shaft, ergonomically designed T-grip which fits any hand size. Blade construction is molded polypropylene with an aluminum insert for added strength.
Adjustable Paddle
Victory KoreDry Topless Board Bag

Price: $145.00

Topless Board Bag "an easier way"
• Keeps SUP boards from Over Heating
• Over 30 Degrees Cooler versus Uncovered boards
• Slips on in ten seconds
• Stretches up to 1.5 feet
• Conforms to any shape of board
• Easiest To and From the Water UV Protection for your boards 
• Keeps boards looking NEW
• Boards wont discolor
• Made with Victory's Proprietary KoreDry Fabric

Available in 9'6''-11' and 11'-12'6'' and 14'